Walk the Butcher's Path is a level 2 free-to-play quest in the Harbor. The objective of the quest is to slay 80 or more monsters on the infamous "Butcher's Path" and then survive to reach the end of the dungeon.


1148 base XP on normal difficulty.

Up to +1 loot on normal difficulty.

3 rare-spawn bosses: Shaman Prysass, a troglodyte shaman (requires Open Lock to reach), troglodyte chief (requires a high Strength score to reach), and Witch Doctor Kneeza, a kobold shaman.

Chests contain up to +1 loot.

5 secret doors.

Speed run time: 7 minutes.


The chest near the second Rest Shrine alerts a very large number of Kobolds to the player's presence.

A small number of traps.

This dungeon contains swimming puzzles.

This dungeon contains oozes.

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