Named Item Item Type Enchantments Location
Chaos BandRingIntelligence +3, Power III, Will Save -2Iron Room Chest
ChaosgardeBracersChaosguard, Dodge Bonus +2 [Lawful only, UMD:20]Green Room Chest
Planar GirdBeltGreater Heroism (CL:11, 1/rest), ChaosguardGreen Room Chest
Reaver's RingRingImmunity to Fear, Light Fortification, Will Save -2Iron Room Chest
Sign of XoriatNecklaceShout (CL:7, 3/rest), Spot +7, Will Save -2, [Chaotic Only, UMD:20]Unknown chest
Thaarak FangTrinketProof Against Poison, Constitution +2, Will Save -2End Chest

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