Named Item Item Type Enchantments Location
Armor of AmokArmor+1 Hide Armor, Rage (3/rest)Unknown
Dueling SchlagerWeapon+2 Rapier (Base dmg: 1d8)Champion Arkar's Chest
Face of the DemonHelmetFortitude Save +2, Intimidate +5, Spot -5, Listen -5Champion Nartar's Chest
Grievous BladeWeapon+2 Dagger, PuncturingChampion Tarkar's Chest
Guardian MantleShield+1 Steel Tower Shield, SpearblockUnknown
Ironweave TunicArmor+3 Chainshirt, DR 3/Bludgeoning, Reflex Save -2Champion Prantang's Chest
Rusted ShamshirWeapon+2 Scimitar, Lesser Aberration Bane, Keen, Cold IronChampion Prantang's Chest
Sword of ThirtyWeapon+2 Greatsword (Base dmg: 3d4), KeenChampion Guptrak's Chest
Yogg-Ratha PlateArmor+1 Fullplate, Acid Resistance, Protection from Evil (3/rest)Champion Krazna's Chest

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