Adpack tangleroot The Splinterskull fortress lies deep within the jungles of Tangleroot Gorge. Many treasures and dangers await those daring enough to explore the winding paths full of bugbears and hobgoblins. Includes 10 hand-crafted adventures and 30 wilderness area objectives!


Named Item Item Type Enchantments
Black Wolfskin BeltBeltConsitution +3
Black Wolfskin CloakCloakLesser Cold Resistance, Resistance +2
Blademaster BracersBracersDexterity +3
Blademaster GauntletsGlovesStrength +3
Crimson GemstoneTrinketWizardry II
Fist of DaarguulWeapon+1 Club, Lesser Goblinoid Bane, Intimidate +5
Krugg's Spiked BootsBootsReflex Save +2, Striding +10%
Lhor-Tragu's Shadowed ArmorArmor+1 Leather Armor, Shadow, Silent Moves
Spider Silk RobeRobeLesser Axeblock, Move Silently +5
Splinterskull Acolyte RingRingImproved Devotion II, Improved Nullification II
Splinterskull ChainmailArmor+3 Chainmail
Splinterskull DocentDocent+3
Totemic Staff of SplinterskullWeapon+1 Quarterstaff, Summon Monster III (CL:5, 3/rest)
Visor of the Flesh Render GuardsGogglesDeath Ward (CL:7, 1/rest)
Warmaster HalfplateArmor+3 Halfplate
Whisperdoom's FangWeapon+1 Dagger (Base dmg: 1d6), Enfeebling
Yarkuch's GreatswordWeapon+1 Greatsword, Elf Bane
Yarkuch's HelmHelmetCharisma +1, Will Save +2, Intelligence +1
Zulkash's Bone NecklaceNecklaceWisdom +2, Improved Nullification II

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