Korthos Island

In many areas of the game, there are quests you obtain simply by entering the area. This is one of those quests on Korthos Island. The objective is to kill lots of bad guys. It is a tier quest, meaning you will first kill 10, then 25, then 100 and so on. Each time you complete a tier, you will be given an experience reward.

  • Tier One: Slay 10 Dangerous Inhabitants
  • Tier Two: Slay 25 Dangerous Inhabitants - 127 XP
  • Tier Three: Slay 50 Dangerous Inhabitants - 205 XP
  • Tier Four: Slay 100 Dangerous Inhabitants - 390 XP
  • Tier Five: Slay 200 Dangerous Inhabitants - 775 XP
  • Tier Six: Slay 400 Dangerous Inhabitants - 1585 XP
  • Tier Seven: Slay 750 Dangerous Inhabitants - 2895 XP

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