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Prior to Update 3, all players had a level cap imposed on them at level 4, whcih needed to be increased via Sigils of Leveling in order to advance past the given level cap. This feature is no longer in the game. These sigils used to be available via the DDO Store or as a random quest reward. No sigils still exist; they never were an inventory item in the first place; obtaining one one applied it to the character immediately.

These items used to be in the game, but no more.

Icon coppersigil Copper Sigil of Leveling increases level cap from 4 to 8 costs 10 Turbine Points
Icon silversigil Silver Sigil of Leveling increases level cap from 8 to 12 costs 10 Turbine Points
Icon goldsigil Gold Sigil of Leveling increases level cap from 12 to 16 costs 10 Turbine Points
Icon platinumsigil Platinum Sigil of Leveling increases level cap from 16 to 20 costs 10 Turbine Points


  • Update 3 has set the level cap to 20 for all players thus removing the need for leveling sigils.
  • As of Update 2, the cost of Sigils sold in the DDO Store is reduced to 10 Turbine Points ( original prices were 50 Turbine Points, 100 Turbine Points, 150 Turbine Points, and 200 Turbine Points).
  • Sigils are not inventory items. Selecting it as a reward choice or purchasing it will automatically increase the level cap. Therefore, a sigil cannot be traded or transferred to a different character, nor can it be found at the Auction House.

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