What is a server?

What is the newest server in my area?

What server has the most or least players?

There are some references to this topic on the web, but the gist is that all the servers are in one location and it depends on your own experience with each server as to which to choose. Play several and decide which one you like. The best bet is to pick the one with the most players at the time you prefer to play.

I've been experimenting with playing all the servers, looking for parties and moving on if nothing congeals. It is an interesting way to rack up favor for TP, but since I bought the new expansion collectors edition I haven't been in the need of any TP, as it came with a bonus TP offer I couldn't pass up. I forgot how much, but so much I wont be needing any TP for quite some time, though I will continue to play all servers, just for fun. TP farming is really quite silly, though it is one way to improve your game play. It is too narrow minded. The TP gained from elite streaking is much better than trying to level up on korthos island over and over with new characters. If you can't elite streak on your server, try another!

;>jamvaru 17:14, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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