Humans: Most versatile of all the races and most adaptable. They get a bonus feat at lvl 1, 4 extra skill points at lvl 1, and 1 extra skill point every level beyond 1.

Elves: -2 constitution. +2 dexterity. Elves are naturally immune to sleep effects, gain a +2 bonus to saves against enchantments, and proficiency with the longbow, shortbow, rapier, and longsword. +2 to search, listen, and spot skills.

Halflings: -2 strength, +2 dexterity. Halflings gain a +2 on tumble, jump, move silently, and other skills. They also gain a +4 to hide checks. Their carrying capacity is 3/4 of a normal person. They gain a +1 size bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and armor class.

Dwarves: -2 charisma. +2 constitution. Dwarves gain a +4 bonus to the balance skill, +2 to saves against poison, +1 to attack and damage rolls against giants and goblinoids.

Drow Elves: -2 constitution. +2 charisma. +2 dexterity. +2 intelligence. Natural spell resistance of 11. Immune to sleep effects, +2 bonus to saves against enchantments. proficient with the rapier, shortsword, and shuriken.

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