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Healer's Kits are for use with the skill heal. They are used to revive an incapacitated ally, not a dead one.

HealkiticonHEAL BONUS +1

Base Value: 50 gold

Weight: 0.10 lbs

Durability: 1/1

Cloth (Hardness: 5)

This kit contains the tools you need to use the Heal skill. The kit is full of herbs, salves, bandages and other useful materials.


  • 10 max stack size and only returns person to 1 hp, while wands do more healing and have 50 charges


Tip #22: A Healer's Kit helps you to stabilize party members who are incapacitated but not yet dead.

Tip #160: If you have questions about your character class, stop by one of the class sections at the DDO forums at or ask another player.

Tip #199: Using the /death command while you are at 1 or more hp will kill your character and immediately send your spirit to your bind point. If you are at less than 1 hit point, /death will kill your character but won't release you.

Tip #200: When you die, any non-stacking items you have equipped take some damage.

Tip #203: Death is a traumatizing experience. When you die, you will be affected by resurrection sickness that goes away over time.

(Rumor: Death effects stack, unless you use a tavern or a shrine to fix.)


[Codemasters, Cleric guide]

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