Delera's TombEdit

Chapter 1: The Mystery of Delera's TombEdit

Go to Delera's Antechamber at the graveyard and find clues about the disappearances. Complete the quest The Mystery of Delera's Tomb Escape Delera's Antechamber with the note from the Church of the Silver Flame party. Talk to Derek Grospic

Chapter 2: The Missing PartyEdit

Talk to Colam from the Church of the Silver Flame about the note. He can be found overseeing a younger priest administering a funeral at the graveyard. Talk to Colam Mersein Return to Delera's Reliquary. Find the last party that the Silver Flame sent into the reliquary, and return with Janiel's journal. Complete the quest The Missing Party Return to Colam with Janiel's journal. Talk to Colam Mersein

Chapter 3: Free DeleraEdit

Open the Soul Locks in Delera's Prison to remove the protections that render her spirit invulnerable to harm. Then defeat Delera's Shade. Complete the quest Free Delera Return to Colam at the graveyard and tell him that Delera's spirit is no longer in thrall to evil forces. Talk to Colam Mersein Return to Derek and claim your reward for stopping Delera's rampage.

Return to Delera's TombEdit

Chapter 1: The AssassinEdit

Convince Hargo to tell you the truth about the mission he undertook for Delera Omaren. Talk to Hargo Kimmare Hargo Kimmare revealed that he lied to Delera. He told her that he killed the Baron, his wife and daughter in order to impress Delera, but in fact he allowed both the wife and daughter to escape to safety. The knowledge that the Baron's innocent family survives may help to ease Delera's regretful conscience.

Chapter 2: Thrall of the NecromancerEdit

The necromancer who forced Delera's shade to do his bidding has returned to the graveyard, along with his lieutenant, Zan'glaen the Butcher. Kill Dreadlord Giddeon to prevent him from controlling Delera again. Complete the quest Thrall of the Necromancer

Chapter 3: ResolutionEdit

Return to the shade of Delera. Ease her conscience by telling her that Hargo Kimmare showed mercy to the Baron's family, and calm her fears by telling her that the necromancer Giddeon has been slain. Talk to Delera


Named Item Item Type Enchantments
Black Lace BlindfoldGogglesSpot +7, Listen +7, Dexterity -1
Boneshard FluteWeapon+1 Club, Perform +5, Command Undead (CL:3, 3/rest)
CarnifexWeapon+2 Great Axe (Crit: 19-20/x3), Keen
Delera's VestmentRobeCharisma +3, Armor Bonus +2
Docent of the TombDocent+1 Docent, Spot +5, Balance +5,Listen +5, Search +5
Golden CartoucheNecklaceIntelligence +1, Use Magic Device +3
Headman's HoodHelmetFear (CL:7, 1/rest), Intimidate +5
Hellfire CloakCloakLesser Fire Resistance, Lesser Acid Resistance, Lesser Sonic Resistance
Iron ManaclesBracersProtection +4, [Chaotic only, UMD:20]
Linen HandwrapsGlovesStrength +4, Dexterity -1, Disease Immunity
Obsidian DaggerWeapon+2 Dagger, Nullification III
Rusted ShirtArmor+3 Chain Shirt
SerpentbranchWeapon+2 Longbow, Poison, Proof against Poison
Sigil of Stormreach RingCharisma +2, Diplomacy +5
Silverflame HauberkArmor+2 Halfplate, Devotion III
Skeleton KeyTrinketOpen Lock +7
SparkstrikerWeapon+1 Heavy Pick, Shocking Burst, Adamantine
Switchblade BootsBootsBluff +10
Trapsmith's ToolbeltBeltDisable Device +5, Repair +7
Voice of the MasterTrinketHeroic Inspiration, Good Luck
Wighthide ArmorArmor+2 Hide Armor, Strength +1
Wrath of SyberysShield+2 Heavy Steel Shield, Blinding Flash (CL:5, 3/rest), Reflex Save +3

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