• Normal - 5
  • Hard - 6
  • Elite - 7
  • Epic - 25
Zone Mammoth Valley
Questgiver Zone Phiarlan Enclave
Questgiver Glitter Underhill
Base XP
  • 3,087
  • 3,300
  • 3,513
  • 7,353
Patron House Phiarlan
Base Favor
Adventure Pack Phiarlan Carnaval
Pre-Requisites None
Release Unknown

Introduction: Tell a little about the quest.


  • Find Brawnpits
  • Speak with Brawnpits
  • Follow Brawnpits
  • Explain theater to Brawnpits
  • Convince Brawnpits to become an actor
  • Earn Brawnpits' trust
  • Bring Brawnpits some water
  • Crush rocks for Brawnpits' hearth (Kill 6)
  • Bring Brawnpits the crushed rocks
  • Collect some firewood for Brawnpits
  • Bring Brawnpits the firewood
  • Seek blessing of the sky spirit
  • Warn Brawnpits of danger
  • Save Brawnpits
  • Lead Brawnpits to the caravan

Optional ObjectivesEdit

  • Brothers Grim survive Bonus: 15% of base XP
  • Defeat the enraged hearth spirits (Kill 8) Bonus: 30% of base XP
  • Find and defeat more rock spirits (Kill 6) Bonus: 30% of base XP




Tips & TricksEdit

  • Do not click on anything in the Brothers Grim camp. It will start a fight with them, and you will then have to kill them.



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