• Normal - 12
  • Hard - 13
  • Elite - 14
Starting Zone Unknown
Questgiver Zone Unknown
Questgiver Unknown
Base XP
  • 5,700
  • 5,967
  • 6,233
Patron House Deneith
Base Favor
F2P? Unknown
Adventure Pack Unknown
Pre-Requisites None
Release Unknown

Introduction: Tell a little about the quest.


  • Obtain the sword Tesyus
  • Defeat the High Priest of the Dark Six, Edgan Nightforge
  • Defeat the Clanwarden, Griel Nightforge
  • Speak to Dolgrim Nightforge
  • Find a way to unlock the door
  • Open the door at the end of the barracks
  • Use the switch behind the altar
  • Use the switch beneath the rune

Optional ObjectivesEdit

  • Defeat the duergar king, Dolgrim Nightforge for Bonus: 0% of base XP
  • Defeat Dolgrim's guards (Kill 6) Bonus: 0% of base XP
  • Defeat Forge Master Daredin Bonus: 15% of base XP
  • Kill the duergar summoners (Kill 8) Bonus: 15% of base XP
  • Obtain the sword through non-combative means Bonus: 45% of base XP






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